Demon core

Explore the chilling story behind the infamous Demon Core and its deadly experiments. Uncover the secrets of this nuclear mystery and its impact on science and humanity.
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Y/N gets more than she bargained for when getting to know the mystery creature that's been living in her shop silently for the past few years. She never would've imagined the sort of adventure he would lead her to, nor did she expected to be close with a beast of Hell. But, be warned: dangers lie ahead. Obstacles that may be difficult to overcome will block her path. Let us hope she'll make it through. {Male Demon x Female Reader} | WARNING | This story contains elements of: •Sexual Themes…

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Angelcore is a contemporary aesthetic inspired by imagery and depictions of angels, and is adjacent to devilcore. It is very similar in vibe with the Rococo style of the 18th century. Some of the old paintings with cherubs you find on Pinterest are Rococo. The aesthetic is designed to emulate the same unearthly beauty that the European stereotype of angels are described and depicted with, though it can also include non-European angel aesthetics. This can be done with modern or older…