Deer fence

Keep deer out of your garden with these effective deer fence ideas. Learn how to create a barrier that will safeguard your plants and flowers from these hungry animals.
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One of the projects that kept me busy this spring was getting a deer fence installed around the garden. Last year I lost most of my produce to the deer, so a fence was a priority for this year. The fence is 61 ft x 76 ft, which gives me a 5 ft perimeter inside the garden. The corner posts are wood: 4"x4" and 8 ft tall. We set the corner posts in cement. (I suggest you really pay attention and respect the time the cement says it takes to set. We didn't and the posts definitely moved with the…

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If you are an Albertan zone 3 gardener like me, chances are high that you struggle with keeping deer away from your plants. It is absolutely disheartening to go outside and realize the plants you have been carefully tending indoors the past 3 months and just planted outside, are destroyed by the deer. There are a number of options for keeping deer out of the garden.Disclosure: This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program…

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Shop online for strong metal, plastic, poly, and polypropylene deer fence. We offer a large selection of high quality tenax polypropylene deer fencing and 14-gauge black welded wire fencing. Protect your entire property, garden, or vineyard from deer and rodents. Economical fence that meets pool code, keep your dogs or cats in, or for vegetable gardens.

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