Cucumber namasu recipe

Try this mouthwatering cucumber namasu recipe to create refreshing and healthy salads. Discover the perfect balance of flavors and textures that will leave you craving for more.
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Asian Cucumber Salad (Namasu)

Every culture has their own collection of side dishes. This simple and refreshing salad is a must when serving up a Japanese or Korean meal. You can enhance this salad by adding thinly slivered ginger, bay shrimp, clams or squid and/or wakame (dried seaweed). It can be easily turned into a meal (especially when you add the seafood and wakame) by serving it over a bowl of rice or a bed of lettuce. If you like cucumbers you will enjoy this simple salad. It’s fast and easy to make and all it…

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Asian Cucumber Salad with Miso and Sesame

Flavorful, crunchy and refreshing Asian cucumber salad with savory and sweet miso dressing is a must have side dish on a hot summer day. Make more to store in the fridge and upgrade any meal instantaneously with this side!