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Explore the exquisite beauty of crown jewels and get inspired by the opulence and elegance they represent. Find top ideas to add a touch of royalty to your style.
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It doesn’t take an expert to know that royal families have a lot of incredibly expensive possessions. From palaces to cars they’ve lived the high life for decades, but there’s one particular element that is often more fascinating than anything else: jewels.

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Queen Mary's Crown. 1911. Silver, gold, diamonds, quartz crystal. Acquirer: Queen Mary, consort of King George V, King of the United Kingdom (1867-1953). Provenance: Commissioned by Queen Mary, consort of King George V, from the Crown Jewellers, Garrard & Co., for the coronation on 22 June 1911. Koh I Noor Diamond, British Crown Jewels, Royal Crown Jewels, Koh I Noor, Royal Crowns, Beautiful Tiaras, Royal Tiaras, Family Jewels, Royal Jewels

The crown is composed of a silver frame, lined with gold, and set with 2,200 diamonds, mainly brilliant-cut, with some rose-cut. The crown has an openwork band, set at the front with a detachable rock crystal replica of the diamond, Cullinan IV, a large cushion-shaped stone, and a frieze of quatrefoils and rosettes, each with a large brilliant in the centre, surrounded by smaller stones, between borders composed of single rows of brilliants. Above the band are four crosses-pattée and four…

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