Crochet 101

Start your crochet journey with our beginner's guide to Crochet 101. Discover essential techniques, tips, and patterns to create beautiful crochet projects. Get inspired and start crocheting today!
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Reading Crochet Patterns

This is another one of my eclectic posts. I have a new Great Granddaughter on the way, and will be crocheting things that I am now pinning on Pinterest. This instruction list will be most helpful. With this post, the only thing I need to get up here is the afghan stitch, and I'm all set to renew my ability. I have been slacking since the kids started school, and I went back to work. I'm cutting back on the jobs I take, so have more play time. I'm looking forward to making some things for the…

Angela Knigge
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Crochet Cheat Sheet

Hi, this past week I have been teaching a friend crochet, I’m not a master… yet, but I have been teaching her the basics. As I was teaching her the basic stitches I thought how useful w…

Luigia Solda
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How to Read Crochet Patterns: A Beginner's Guide - Crochet Tips

How to read a written crochet pattern for beginners with step-by-step instructions and examples. Plus what common terms, abbreviations + symbols mean.

Kelly Bean
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How To Crochet: The Basics

Crochet is a fantastic new handwork skill to try: it requires minimal materials, it’s easy to master, and it’s the perfect activity to make you ...

Aya Choukrati
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5 of the Easiest Crochet Projects for Beginners - Home in the Finger Lakes

These 5 Crochet Projects are perfect for beginners, and many have video instructions so you don’t even need to know how to read a print crochet pattern.

Barb Baird