Crane dance

Experience the beauty and grace of crane dance performances. Discover the top performances that showcase the elegance and majesty of these magnificent birds.
Sarah Ahiers Writes: Wednesday Weird: Mothman Wild Life, Crane Dance, Sandhill Crane, Crane Bird, Bird Photography, Pics Art, Bird Art, Beautiful Creatures, Beautiful Birds

We're back for another Wednesday Weird, this one possibly the most famous case I've blogged about: Mothman. Mothman begins in 1966 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia when 5 men were in a cemetery, preparing a grave for burial. While they were working, they saw a man-like figure rise into the air and fly over their heads. They reported that it had wings, and was brown and really just resembled a man with wings. This is considered the first sighting of Mothman, though by the end there would be…

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