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Robin Williams' TV character Mork was a pop culture phenomenon. His wacky, anything goes style fit perfectly with Cracked Magazine's askew take on the world. Cracked loved Mork, featuring him on the cover of seven issues within 1979 and 1980. He was so popular he edged out Gary Coleman and Penny Marshall, two other Cracked favorites, for cover face time. Covers meant be drawn by Cracked mainstay John Severin. Severin, a legendary comics artist with a knack for likenesses, seems like he had…

Laurie Rae
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MAD Magazine | Welcome to MAD

MAD's latest turkey of an issue spoofs the Hot Topic catalog, mocks of The Colbert Report, and includes a special Don Martin 2008 Calendar! MAD also pokes fun at the Christmas spirit, the war on terror and sports scandals! Plus, Spy vs. Spy, Monroe, What the Heck is the Difference?, the Fold-In and much more!

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