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Animated Gifs by Paolo Ceric | Cool Material

The animated gif has become an artistic conversation in and of itself these days. There isn't much that can't be said on Tumblr, Facebook or any other social media site in less than 10 seconds with some funny text, cats or dancing images of Kate Upton. Artist Paolo Čerić takes the animated gif art form to |


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This is post 17 of 31 in the series “Blogging for Hippo” A month long blogging contest leading up to the release of WooCommerce 2.3 Handsome Hippo. Blogging for Hippo Schedule Sales with WooCommerce The Problem with Focus Give Thanks Be Thankful for the People Who Inspire You Give Yourself Space Build Resources From Support […]

Malu Maria Luiza

GIFs to watch while high - Here is what happens to your vision when high on weed

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