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Incredible Hulk 340 - Hulk vs. Wolverine.  Peter David and Todd McFarlane's masterpiece. Wolverine Comic, Hulk Comic, Marvel Comics Covers, Todd Mcfarlane, Comic Book Superheroes, Uncanny X-men, Marvel Comic Books, Marvel Comics Art, Classic Comics

Incredible Hulk Vol 1 340

Featured Characters: ⏴ Hulk (Bruce Banner) ⏵ Supporting Characters: ⏴ Clay Quartermain ⏵ ⏴ Rick Jones ⏵ ⏴ Betty Banner ⏵ Antagonists: X-Men ⏴ Wolverine (Logan) ⏵ ⏴ Dazzler (Alison Blaire) ⏵ ⏴ Longshot ⏵ ⏴ Psylocke (Betsy Braddock) ⏵ ⏴ Rogue ⏵ ⏴ Havok (Alex Summers) ⏵ ⏴ Half-Life (Tony Masterson) ⏵ ⏴ Leader (Samuel Sterns) ⏵ Other Characters: United States Army ⏴ General Mark Hamilton ⏵ Sergeant O'Riley (First appearance) Phil (First appearance) Alan Quartermain (Mentioned) Races and Species…

Bill Robertson