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Enhance your coffee experience with the top coffee roasters. Find the perfect roast and flavor profile to make the most delicious and aromatic cup of coffee at home.
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Antique Coffee Bean Roaster - Vintage Machine - Old Roaster machine

Get your now at Are you a coffee enthusiast who appreciates the art of brewing? If so, you may be intrigued by the antique coffee bean roaster. This unique device offers a glimpse into the rich history of coffee

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The Brand Identity – Graphic Design’s Greatest

“The black is a nod to the colour of their previous bags, but we needed to expand the palette to create a navigation system for the different types of roasts,” Olssøn Barbieri’s Founder & Managing Director Henrik Olssøn tells us, discussing their identity for LA-based speciality coffee roaster, Stereoscope. “The colours are chosen to echo the natural materials used in the interior of the Stereoscopes locations,” he adds, noting the metal, stones, and wood found across their four locations…

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Stereoscope Coffee Roaster, Olssøn Barbieri

Los Angeles-based speciality coffee roastery Stereoscope, renowned for the remarkable quality of its roasts, was launched with the forward-thinking foundational belief that there is more to coffee than its tasting profiles and processing methods, using their platform to create unique experiences and fair relationships over low prices and standardisation in flavour. Moreover, it is Stereoscope’s belief that we, in fact, share an indisputable responsibility to coffee – towards both the workers…