Clap clap

Get ready to clap along with these fun and creative clap clap ideas. From interactive games to rhythmic patterns, discover how to make every clap count!
clap, clap, clap!! Collage Art, Croquis, Art Photography, Surrealism, Palmas, Clapping Hands, Hand Photography, Louise Bourgeois, Hunger Games

a lovely cut out prinses diana 'face' from the book SHAPE by millergoodman for tate, 2008 (an animated version here) 'the scarecrow', typography by theo van doesburg and kate steinitz, book, 1925 (tate modern exhibits beautiful works of van doesburg and the avant-garde till May 16th) 'england 1968' by richard long (more lines made by walking here) 'clapping hands' by armstrong roberts, 1988

Michelle Nolan