Christmas card ornaments

Add a personal touch to your Christmas decorations with these unique card ornaments. Discover creative ideas to turn your holiday cards into cherished keepsakes.
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This post will show you 13 easy crafts using old Christmas cards. Do you have a stash of old Christmas cards lying around? Instead of letting them clutter up your space, hiding them in boxes, or throwing them away, why not recycle them into something new and beautiful? With just a few simple supplies, you […]Continue Reading

Julie Owen
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Christmas Card Ornaments: Let's recycle those Christmas cards! I received several beautiful, brightly colored cards this year and enjoyed displaying them during the holiday season, but now it's time to take them down. This is a lovely way to use them again next year.

Toodle Doodle
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"Every year before Christmas we receive lovely cards and it always seems such a shame to throw any of them away when the holidays are over. So we keep them. This idea gives some of those cards a new purpose. You can make cute little triangle box ornaments with them to hang on the tree. A template plus an illustrated step-by-step tutorial will show you how you can do so. The best cards for this project are ones that are vertical and have smaller motifs. "

Denise Saraceno
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