Catholic catechism for kids

Introduce your kids to the Catholic faith with our engaging catechism resources. Discover interactive activities, games, and lessons that make learning the catechism fun and meaningful for children.
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Catholic Mass Lesson Ideas: 5 Activities | Catholic Kids Bulletin

Catholic Mass Lesson Ideas: Five activities about lessons, games, and activities that can be used to teach students and kids about the Catholic Mass.

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Catholic Scavenger Hunt for Kids - Free Printable - Catholic Kids Activities, Religion Activities, Baptismal Font, Catholic Schools Week, Catholic Sacraments, Children Church, Catholic Education, Catholic Crafts, Catholic Bible

Catholic Scavenger Hunt for Kids - Free Printable -

Kids will enjoy looking around their parish church for the items in this eye spy scavenger hunt. Simply have them look for the items and either color or check the box once discovered. Object include: Monstrance, Tabernacle, Crucifix, Stations of the Cross, Sanctuary Lamp, Stained Glass Window, Presider’s Chair, Baptismal Font, Organ, Hymnal, Alter, Statue,… Read More »Catholic Scavenger Hunt for Kids – Free Printable

Teaching Catechism (the Bible's Cliff Notes): What, Why and How? -Loved this one! Catholic Homeschool, Catholic Education, Catholic Family, Faith Formation, Catholic Religion, Catholic Kids, Religious Education, Bible For Kids, Bible School

Teaching Catechism: What, Why and How?

Let's talk about teaching catechism in the household. The What, Why, and How of using catechism for the whole family to get closer to God. First you must choose a catechism to use. After that, it's just a matter of making the time each day/week to practice the questions with your kids.

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