Car camping

Discover the best gear and expert tips for an unforgettable car camping experience. Explore scenic campsites, cozy sleeping setups, and delicious campfire recipes.
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Laws For Sleeping/Camping In Your Car!

Is it illegal to sleep in your car? If you’re a road tripper, this is a crucial question with a painfully dynamic answer: sometimes. Legality depends on location. Why? Because federal legislation doesn’t explicitly forbid sleeping in your car, but state and municipal legislation can.

Katie Catoe
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Car Camping Essentials You Should Absolutely Have! +Free Packing List

Car camping essentials from Amazon that you will want for a successful camping trip! Here is a list of our most used camping gear for summer and winter that we bought off Amazon and love using year-round. Simple camping must-haves and car camping essentials that are budget-friendly and easy to take

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How to Easily Turn Your Minivan into a Minivan Camper! — Big Brave Nomad

This guide will walk you through how to camp in your minivan! Yes! Minivan camping is a great way to explore on a budget. We have spend over 35 nights camping in our minivan and I have no regrets. This guide has minivan camping hacks, tis for stealth minivan camping, and shares the best minivan