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Experience the breathtaking beauty of Cape Verde with our guide to the top attractions and travel tips. Plan your perfect vacation and explore the stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality of this hidden gem.
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Many people ask us, ‘ Can you go island hopping in Cape Verde?’ During our ten-week roundtrip through the Cape Verde islands, we experienced it is easy to go island hopping in Cape Verde. However, is does require some planning. Cape Verde consists out of 10 different islands, which can be separated by hundreds of...

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What is the best month to go to Cape Verde? The best time to visit Cape Verde is between November and June. And, with annual average temperatures ranging from 22 °C (72 °F) to 27 °C (80.6 °F), Cape Verde, is one of the destinations across Africa that appeal to sun lovers all year long

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Cape Verde is an unknown Island-country in Africa. This beautiful country is a hidden gem, yet to be discovered by travelers. There are a lot of things to do in Cape Verde and lots of reasons to pay a visit to this fabulous country. Being a fairly developed country in Africa, Cape Verde is a must-see if you like toContinue reading "12 Reasons why you should visit Cape Verde"

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Cape Verde wasn't one tiny little archipelago that's perched around 400 km off the coast of West Africa. I have such fond memories of visiting, especially - 10 Of The Best Things To Do In Cape Verde - Travel, Travel Advice - Africa, Cape Verde - Travel, Food and Home Inspiration Blog with door-to-door Travel Planner! - Travel Advice, Travel Inspiration, Home Inspiration, Food Inspiration, Recipes, Photography

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