Cabbage pancake recipe

Discover mouthwatering cabbage pancake recipes to satisfy your cravings. Try these easy and flavorful ideas to add a twist to your regular pancake routine.
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This cabbage pancake is a popular dish throughout Japan and is easily adapted to one's preferences. While the fillings and toppings can vary, from pork and fried eggs to ginger and bonito flakes, the base features a cabbage pancake made with a savory batter—and that's what we do here to let the vegetable shine.

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I think cabbage (in all of its varieties) is such an under-appreciated vegetable. Also.. you can make SO MUCH with just one head of cabbage. Like you really get a lot for your buck. Anyways!! Here’s an idea for something you can make with that…

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Cabbage fritters, cabbage pancakes or cabbage patties they all have similar ingredients. This cabbage fritter recipe features fresh vegetables battered with egg and a touch of flour, yielding a golden brown top once fried. Flavored with herbs and spices these cabbage fritters can be enjoyed as side dish or appetizer. Serve these vegetable pancakes warm or cold. #cabbagefritters #cabbagepancakes #cabbagepatties #healthy #friedcabbage #cabbageappetizer #Okonomiyaki #vegetablepancakes Cabbage And Carrot Fritters, Ultimate Savory Cabbage Fritters, Fried Cabbage Fritters, Curly Cabbage Recipes, Golden Delight Cabbage Fritters, Cabbage Hash Browns, Shredded Cabbage Mix Recipes, What To Do With Leftover Cabbage, Cabbage Fritters Keto

If you're looking for simple cabbage recipes, these cabbage fritters can become a tasty light lunch or dinner. Whether you call them cabbage fritters,

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Korean cabbage pancake or ‘baechu jeon’ is one of the simplest and most affordable yet delectable Korean pancake recipes. It’s made with just a handful of ingredients, ready in 25 minutes, and there’s no chopping needed! The result is a vegetable pancake that’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

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Cabbage Pancakes are a must make recipe, especially if you are looking for new ways to incorporate more veggies into your diet. I also believe that if you aren't someone who totally loves to eat cabbage, this recipe will change your mind. These little fritters are loaded with crunchy green cabbage, shredded carrots, green onions and a combination of flour and eggs to make a pancake-like batter. Top these off with my homemade garlic yogurt dip for the perfect creamy touch!

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