Bts theory

Dive into the captivating world of BTS theory and uncover the hidden story behind their music. Discover the secrets and connections that make their fandom go wild. Join the discussion and share your theories with fellow ARMY.
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BTS Memes/Jokes/Scenarios/Incorrect Quotes by JinHit Entertainment. CREDIT TO THE OWNERS. Featuring 7 crackheads - *God of Destruction ( Dance Monster ) *The Car Door Guy ( Princess Jin ) *Lil meow meow ( Min Yoonji ) *The Sun ( Jhoooooooooooooope ) *Mochi ( Chimchim ) *CGV ( Blank Tae ) *Justin Seagull ( Kookie ) Cameos - TXT and Hitman Bang This book is full of Bts even about the recent events. This cured our depression but brings a lot of laughters which may give you a heart attack. So…

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