Bountiful harvest

Celebrate the abundance of the season with creative ideas for fall decor. Discover how to bring the warmth and beauty of a bountiful harvest into your home.
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Joan & I have been hooking our large-cut jarrahdale pumpkins {well, they are torn strips actually...ok, torn & hand-cut.} Our 1-inch-plus strips were torn first, then cut in half, so I really don't even know what width they are ...just all different! I drew them out for us on linen, they are approx. 15" across. Joan's is almost all hooked and I'll see hers Saturday when she comes out to the shop. this is mine, all hooked and ready to be 'finish-finished' ~ below. not sure if it will be a…

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Discover innovative vegetable garden ideas to maximize your yield in any space! Explore raised beds, container techniques, and more for a lush harvest.

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