Book projects

Explore a variety of creative book project ideas that will engage readers of all ages. Get inspired to bring your favorite stories to life with these fun and interactive projects.
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The days of dioramas and book reports may be long gone. (Is it wrong that I’m a little sad about that?) Yet the expectation that students read and express their understanding of what they’ve read remains as strong as ever. So what’s a teacher to do? More specifically, what’s a creative teacher to do, when she doesn’t want to rely on worksheets? Get creative, of course! I’ve compiled 9 Fun Book Projects for you. They’re quick and easy to prepare, and best of all, they’re engaging – for both…

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Book reports don't need to be painfully boring. In fact, they can be a ton of fun! Here are 10 creative book report ideas to use in your classroom.

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This project allows students to make their own mini printable book via a do-it-yourself process. The book is focused on what animals are the, Most, of their kind. Children can assemble this book a

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