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Explore stunning book photography ideas to capture the beauty of your favorite novels. Get inspired and take your book photography to the next level with these creative tips and tricks.
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Books I Read in March

Let’s ignore how late I am with this one and dive in, shall we! I started off slow in March and then I read like 7 books in the last week. That’s just how it goes sometimes, peaks and troughs, but there are some gems in this round up! Links are affiliate! Act Your Age Eve Brown...

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One Month To Go! An Exclusive Excerpt from ‘An Edited Life’

Last Wednesday it finally happened! I finally held a finished copy of ‘An Edited Life’ in my hands. IT. WAS. AWESOME. Want to see that moment? It’s in my latest vlog. I cried happ…

Varvara Sevostyanova
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A Toronto Book Haul

Wow is Toronto a haven for book lovers! England can be a bit of a Waterstones stronghold, and whilst I love a good Waterstones, they generally have much of the same stock in every store. So travel is the perfect excuse to find a new bookstore, and some new book friends to bring home! Usually...

Sara Murillo