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Discover fashion ideas that celebrate body positivity and embrace all sizes. Find inspiration to express your unique style and feel confident in your own skin.
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Woman Challenges Unrealistic Body Standards With Side-By-Side “Real Me Monday” Photos Of

We live in a world that is very much influenced by social media. And what we usually scroll through is a never-ending chain of pictures that showcase happy people with perfect bodies in beautiful places. If there were times when these moments from someone’s life used to encourage us to strive for more and for the better, now often people find these images to be a reminder that someone is doing much more than you. Despite the fact that society doesn’t avoid various discussions about body…

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This Is How One Dress Looks When Photographed On Different Models By Eleven Photographers

Most of you probably remember the famous novel and movie about the traveling symbolic pair of second-hand jeans which fit a group of four girlfriends perfectly despite their different shapes and sizes. This story popped up in my mind when I found out about an idea a UK-based photographer came up with, except in this experimental project, another piece of clothing was the traveler - a dress. And even though it wasn’t a magical one-size-fits-all friendship garment, it carries an interesting…

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This Girl Posts Unedited Photos and Shows Us How We Should All Be Proud of Our Bodies

Bree Lenehan is an Australian woman who began using social media to expose the truth behind the “perfect” poses we see online while scrolling through our phones. The influencer has a large following for her body-positive content that highlights the differences between “Instagram and reality” and warns her followers not to believe everything they see online, but rather, to embrace and accept their bodies as they are.

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Vogue Greece puts 14 women on the March 2022 covers -- women who have made peace with their bodies. Body Positive Photography, Body Positive Fashion, Vogue Photography, Celebrity Bodies, Vogue Magazine Covers, Real Bodies, Body Acceptance, Goth Women, Vogue Covers

Vogue Greece Covers Celebrate 14 Body-Loving Women

The March 2022 issue of Vogue Greece joins a global Vogue project that unites all editions of Vogue, asking the essential question: In the age of the perfect image, how easy is it to truly love our "unfiltered" body? Photographer Thanassis Krikis [IG] photographs 14 women “with real bodies” [we hope so!] and shares them with no retouching.

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