Bette davis eyes

Enhance your eyes with stunning Bette Davis-inspired makeup looks. Discover top ideas to create a captivating gaze that will make heads turn.
Bette Davis - (04/05/1908 - 10/06/1989) age 81. Born Ruth Elizabeth Davis in Lowell, Massachusetts. Rita Hayworth, Hollywood Poster, Rudolph Valentino, Beautiful Portraits, Jean Harlow, Bette Davis, Judy Garland, Joan Crawford, Movie Stills


Gloria Swanson Carole Lombard Elizabeth Allan Mary Nolan (Thanks to Karen Lawrence - who corrected me, as this was originally labelled Vilma Banky - oops!) Clara Bow Adrienne Ames Paulette Goddard Ginger Rogers Anne Baxter Kathryn Grayson Binnie Barnes Sally Eilers Bette Davis Claudette Colbert Rita Hayworth Have a glamorous Saturday! DP x

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