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Discover the iconic portrayal of Batman by Christian Bale. Dive into the world of Gotham City and relive the thrilling adventures of the Dark Knight in this definitive guide.
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Someone Photoshopped Movie Batman’s Pointy Ears Off & We Just Can’t Unsee How Silly It Looks

No matter which movie you pick, Batman has one of the most iconic costumes among all superheroes. One of the main aspects of Batman's costumes has to be the pointy ears on his cowl. © Warner Bros. PicturesBut have you ever imagined how the caped crusader would look like, without his pointy ears?Well, a Twitter user did, and he Photoshopped and removed the ears from some of the most iconic movie Batmans, and we have to say, they look silly. A few of them, actually look downright scary. The…

Ellie D