Bathroom hacks

Discover ingenious bathroom hacks that will streamline your daily routine. From storage solutions to cleaning tips, these ideas will transform your bathroom experience.
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I made this list to show you how to clean your bathroom. I also included some hacks as well. I will also go in-depth on how to clean your bathroom walls, floor, bathtub, etc. 1.USE DRYER SHEETS TO CLEAN THE TUB A dirty bathtub is really disgusting to look at. Especially when you are

Holly Watkins-Swearingen
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1.USE DAWN DISH SOAP TO SCRUB BATHTUB AND SHOWER WALLS If you have read some of my other articles, you will realize that I love using dawn dish soap to clean. That’s because it’s great for cleaning purposes, not just only for dishes but a lot of other things/surfaces too. To clean your shower

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