Back stitch design

Enhance your embroidery projects with these creative back stitch designs. Discover unique patterns and techniques to add depth and beauty to your needlework.
How to Backstitch - video tutorial

If you want to do hand embroidery, you really need to know how to backstitch. The backstitch is probably THE most common outline stitch. It gives a nice, smooth, continuous line. If you're going to be stitching tight curves make sure to use a shortish stitch length. Otherwise, just use a stitch length you're comfortable with and

Mimi Speyerer
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This pattern would easily be worked in a linear stitch such as stem stitch, and if you need tips on how to transfer patterns to fabric take a look at this free tutorial

Sarah Gaevert
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After about two weeks straight of hexies-only stitching (due to the reasons mentioned in this article), it will be good to (eventually) get back to some hand embroidery. Don't get me wrong - I love my hexies and I love their portability. But really, I love hand embroidery better, and I can't wait

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