Ayurvedic massage

Experience the ancient healing practice of Ayurvedic massage to relax your mind and body. Discover top techniques and benefits of Ayurvedic massage for ultimate rejuvenation.
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New Audio Version: LISTEN 🎧 to an audio Self-Abhyanga Guide (on Insight Timer) Express self-love and self-respect by lovingly anointing yourself from head to toe with warm oil. This practice is called Abhyanga. A daily Abhyanga practice restores the balance of all biological agents in and enhances well-being and longevity. Abhyanga especially enhances lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, feeds the microbiome living on your skin and most notably, pacifies the nervous system. Your skin is…

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This is Part 3 of my series on how to start using herbs for your health. In this section, I’ll share an overview of different types of internal and external herbal preparations (forms) you can make and use for health. You’ll get to know which remedies you should use for your problem. In the second

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