Annoying things

Don't let annoying things get on your nerves. Discover effective ways to handle and overcome the most irritating situations in life. Take control and start enjoying every moment.
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There's no doubt that our brains like order - symmetry, self-repeating patterns, perfect alignments, and intuitive placement. Seeing such satisfying pictures pleases our mind and makes it easy to understand our surroundings. On the other hand, imperfections of flawed things cause us to pause and do a double-take, annoying the hell out of the perfectionist inside us. Now, if you are an OCD-prone person, scroll down carefully unless you wish to have a masochistic session looking at these…

Nathalie Hallman
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When you can't see well without your glasses, life can be a struggle. Something as seemingly inconsequential as coming back indoors on a cold day can make your specs steam up like you're in a sauna! For females, even trying to put makeup on in the morning can be an hard task. Of course, just because someone wears spectacles doesn't mean they're as blind as a bat. What it does mean is that all of these images are real life problems. Take a look!

Cristina Montez