Anime vs cartoon

Explore the fascinating world of anime and cartoons, and discover the key differences and similarities between these two popular forms of animation. Find out which one suits your preferences and dive into a world of captivating storytelling and stunning visuals.
Our Favorite Cartoon Characters Look Even Cooler After A Classic Paintover - Neatorama Dipper E Mabel, Monster Falls, Fall Anime, Gravity Falls Anime, Arte Monster High, Gravity Falls Fan Art, Desenhos Gravity Falls, Gravity Fall, Dipper And Mabel

(Image Link)Character designers know a character's basic shapes, silhouette and the overall use of smooth vs sharp shapes help give the character personality, but color scheme is (arguably) the least important element of a character.(Image Link)Color schemes can be messed with during paintovers as designers see fit without "breaking" the character, and the proper application of shading and highlights can give a flat character a bit more appeal.(Image Link)Cartoon paintovers are also a fun…