Ancient China

Delve into the rich history of Ancient China and discover the wonders of its civilization. Uncover the secrets of the Great Wall, Terracotta Army, and more with these top ideas.
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To most of the western world, China has always been a mystery, a teeming mass of people in crowded cities, threatening to expand over its borders impelled by its own growth. In fact, while the Han Chinese are the majority of the population, there are over fifty officially recognized ethnic…

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We want kids to learn about the world - even if they're stuck at home right now. At Deliberate Travel Kids we make activity workbooks for children, focused on travel and different cultures. Each workbook is based on a different country and is filled with puzzles and research activities to entertain and educate them. Perfect for kids aged 6-10 and the parents trying to distract them!

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Written by Gioia Zhang Unlike the three-dimensional structure of Western lingerie, Chinese ancient lingerie is made up of layers and it implicitly shapes the rich curve of the female body. From the…

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This is a tumblr dedicated to landscapes, scenery, and buildings inspired by the wonderful world of Middle Earth. Here, you will find real life locations as well as artwork, edits, and gifs from Peter Jackson's movies. Feel free to send us your requests and submissions! Part of lotrfashion

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