6 2 volleyball rotation diagram

Learn the ins and outs of the 6-2 volleyball rotation with a comprehensive diagram. Improve your team's strategy and dominate the game with this essential volleyball rotation.
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5-1 Rotation

A lot of you girls were confused when we started talking about rotation. I thought it would be helpful to see it written down. This set-up is called 5-1. That basically means that there is 1 setter and 5 hitters. The setter is the same girl whether she is in the front row or the back row. For now that's the rotaion I think we will start off with. There are other rotations that use two setters (so the setter is always in the back row -- 6-2, or the setter is always in the front row -- 4-2)…

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Volleyball Basics Explained: What Is A "6-2" In Volleyball?

If you’re a new coach, you’ve probably heard the terms “6-2”, “5-1”, “6-3”, etc… And if you’re like most new coaches (and most new volleyball players), you probably thought to yourself, “ummmm…. what??”These are all terms for offensive systems, which sounds intimidating at first but is rather simple… AFTER you understand what the terms mean.Today I’m going to break down a 6-2 offensive system for you, which is basically a fancy way of saying what your players do when they’re standing in…

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Volleyball Basics Explained: What Is A "6-2" In Volleyball?

Once players are old enough to start playing positions in volleyball, you need a strategy to get the right players to the right spot on the court! Let me break down the 6-2 volleyball system for you (DIAGRAMS INCLUDED).

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How to Run a 6-2 Volleyball Rotation | Volleyball Offensive System | Volleyball Coaching Tips

Volleyball formations 6-2 offense. To win in volleyball your team needs an offensive volleyball system. The 6-2 rotation is the most common strategy.

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6-2 Offense Serve Receive Volleyball Formations

6-2 serve receive rotations for running a 6-2 offense is the most common volleyball offensive systems. In a 6-2, you have 6 attackers and 2 setters. Each setter sets out of the back row. The setters play opposite one another on the court. The 6 is 6 hitters. The two is two setters. When running a 6-2, you will always have 3 attackers on the front row. #volleyball

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