1d Day

Join the excitement of 1D Day with engaging activities and access to exclusive content. Experience the magic of One Direction and be part of a special celebration.
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Clíodhna Mulkearns
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That Time Cindy Crawford Taught Harry Styles and Liam Payne How to Walk a Runway

Just in case you missed it, supermodel Cindy Crawford joined One Direction hotties Liam Payne and Harry Styles for 1D Day this Saturday—for anyone who's not as obsessed with One Direction as, ahem, we are, 1D Day featured an epic seven-hour One Direction live stream straight from L.A.—and guess what she did. She taught Liam and Harry how to walk the runway. To be fair, Harry and Liam were catwalk naturals to start with—check out their "before" walks in the video, above. The two 1D-ers get…

Deja Chester

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