18650 battery

Discover the best 18650 batteries that provide long-lasting power and reliability for your devices. Upgrade your battery life and enhance your device performance with top-rated 18650 batteries.
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How to Know a Fake 18650 Battery

How to Know a Fake 18650 Battery: An average genuine 18650 batteries will weigh about 45g and no nothing less than 42g. You can see I have a fake 18650 battery in the pic weigh 32g only and the genuine 18650 battery weight 45g. Some genuine 18650 battery can weigh more than 50g. Goo…

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DIY Professional 18650 Battery Pack

DIY Professional 18650 Battery Pack: The world is shifting away from fossil fuels and will one day become fully electric. In the present world, Lithium-ion is the most promising chemistry of all batteries. Most of the battery packs used in Laptops, RC Toys, Drones, Medical devices, Pow…

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How to Make 18650 Battery Holder at Home

How to Make 18650 Battery Holder at Home: Today, 18650 Li-ion cells are widely used in every day to day gadgets like mobile powerbanks, laptop batteries and much more. These cells are very useful and available in various different ampere ratings. However, to use these batteries in DIY proje…

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