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compilation of things that I found pretty, interesting, cute, and uhm, yea just random things
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there are many cups and mugs on the white bed sheet, all in different shapes and sizes
Mugs esthetic
an image of a cat flying in the sky with stars on it's back
some pink flowers are in the middle of a circular mirror with blue sky and clouds behind them
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multiple images of trees and moon in the night sky, with different lighting effects on them
the moon is seen in two different pictures, one with an image of water and rocks
three different types of flowers are depicted in this drawing, one is blue and the other is pink
some white birds are flying in the air
Litarnes — When there are no words of comfort. Queer Aesthetic Art, Rage Aestethic, Abandonment Issues Aesthetic, Vent Artwork Aesthetic, Jealousy Aesthetic, Identity Aesthetic, Emotionalism Art, Wow Art, Karakter Anime
Litarnes — When there are no words of comfort.
Litarnes — When there are no words of comfort.
a large group of ballerinas in white tutus are posing for a photo
velvet dream
an abstract image of rain on the window
an abstract painting with two people standing in the water
The True Bob Files
an umbrella is reflected in the water on a rainy day with ripples around it