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two gondolas in the water with people on them and buildings behind them at night
Venice, Italy.
the eiffel tower lit up at night with people standing in front of it
Foggy Night Eiffel Tower!
a large christmas tree in the middle of a city
Christmas in NYC
the big ben clock tower towering over the city of london on a hazy day in england
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1. Go to London
the eiffel tower lit up at night with fireworks in the sky above it
Paris on New Years Eve >>> This is going on the bucket list.
a ferris wheel is lit up in the night sky near trees and snow covered ground
Stock Photos from PhotoDune
London Eye - I've been on it!
a painting of a canal at night with boats in the water and buildings on either side
Venice, Italy
many colorful umbrellas are hanging from the ceiling in an alleyway with people walking under them
Colorful Umbrellas Magically Float in Mid-Air
Umbrella Sky in Águeda, Portugal.
the castle is pink and blue with gold trim on it's roof, surrounded by greenery
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Disneyland Paris
a pole with many signs on it near the ocean and rocks under a blue cloudy sky
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#travelcolorfully #katespadeny #ridecolorfully as you travel around the world
a cake made to look like an old suitcase with a globe on top and luggage tags around it
Gateaux Inc
Traveling around the world Cake