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the boy is wearing a red plaid shirt and white pants with his hands in the air
a young man in a suit and tie
a young man standing on top of a pier next to the ocean with his hand in the air
a young man leaning against a fence with his hands on his hips
a young man is playing drums on stage
a young man with black hair and blue eyes is posing for a magazine cover photo
a group of people standing on top of a wooden bridge with the words don't stop
σh lσσk, α pícturє σf ѕєvєntєєn ín thє phílíppínєѕ thíα mαkєѕ mє hαppч
some people in white lab coats are standing around and looking at something on the wall
a young man with blonde hair sitting on the ground holding his hands out and looking at something
a woman with blonde hair and black and white striped shirt is sitting in the clouds
a boy with red hair is holding his hands up
Change Up | Seventeen | #SVT_PROJECT_LEADERS | Woozi | cr. to owner
a man sitting on top of a white chair wearing a red jacket and black pants
Prince lee jihoon
a young man standing in front of a pink wall wearing a white and black sweater
Seventeen - Woozi
a man holding a white dog in his arms and wearing a black hat with long hair
jihoonie and a puppy