Planet JEDWARD~!! ^^

Besides kpop~ i love this two boy twin duet~ which is John & Edward Grimes~~ keke~ equals to Jedward~!! keke~ i love these two cuties~ love their songs too…
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two young men dressed in black and red tuxedos, one with glasses on
Smellivision~!! kekeke i still remember this with the popcorn~ marshmallows~
there is a sign on the wall that says hand hygiene and two men are holding something in their hands
keke i will really try to look for this keke~!! "Jedward does it. So should you" keke well i thought at first that we should stand in front of a hand sanitizing thing then take a picture in front of it kekeke .
several pictures of young men making faces with their hands
JEDWARD~!! In a photobooth~!! keke they are so cute~
keke "S'up Edward?"  "S'up John?" shirts~ keke well all i could say in this pic is ............... WASSSSSUUUUP~!!! Jedward Twins, Naturally Beautiful, White Undershirt, Best Friends, T Shirts For Women
keke "S'up Edward?" "S'up John?" shirts~ keke well all i could say in this pic is ............... WASSSSSUUUUP~!!!
two boys are holding a stuffed tiger in a store
keke Jedward takes a picture with a stuff toy tiger and then i noticed the tiger is posed like Monalisa~ kekeke .
a young man standing in front of a red wall wearing a t - shirt with an image of john island on it
keke the kid on John's shirt explains what i feel like right now keke i fangirled that John was so handsome then i looked like the kid on John's shirt~! keke .
several candy bars stacked on top of each other with the name jedward printed on them
keke them twin bars bros~ keke does anyone want one?? keke I wanna buy these bars eat them but i won't throw the wrappers away~ keke they are my precious~
a woman holding up a sign that reads, no need to fight for the rights of women
Who needs earth when theres planet Jedward?? keke well if the world ends or if i am a astronaut i would like to go to planet JEDWARD for the win~!! keke