Play Ideas for Kids

Kids learn best through play. Discover lots of ideas for learning and growing through play. Help grow fine motor skills, imagination, and a love of learning…
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Family Unit Study: Math is Everywhere!
This is an epic Family Unit Study from How Wee Learn - Math is Everywhere! See how practical these math activities are as they are applied to everyday life. This unit study answers that question - "But when will I use this in real life?!" A must for homeschooling families!
a little boy standing on top of a box in the grass
Recycled Material Crafts for Preschool Pirate Play
Grab a cardboard box and dive into some pretend play! These simple crafts are perfect for you to make with your preschooler AND they double as awesome pretend play tools after they are made!
the cover of transportation activities for preschoolers
Transportation Theme for Preschoolers
So many fun crafts and activities that all have to do with a transportation theme for preschoolers! Crafts, activities and more all about cars, trucks, trains, planes, diggers, etc!
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10 Easy Peasy Water Play Activities - How Wee Learn
Cool off this summer with these fun water play activities for kids! Full of learning and sensory play and just plain old fun for preschoolers and toddlers!
toddler quiet time activities for kids to play with and learn how to use them
43 Quiet Time Activities for 2 Year Olds - How Wee Learn
Quiet, independent play ideas for toddlers and preschoolers really do exist! Here are 43 ideas - the biggest trick is to make them super engaging and only use them during quiet time!
a printable summer bucket list for kids
Learning with nature: A printable summer bucket list!
Here are some fun ideas to dive into this summer with the kids!
there are many small white buttons on the tray with words diy playdough stamps
Salt Dough Playdough Stamps - How Wee Learn
Make your own playdough stamps using salt dough! Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.
sidewalk chalk games fun ideas for kids
7 Stellar Sidewalk Chalk Games for Kids - How Wee Learn
Such fun ideas for playing outside for the kids this summer! All you need is chalk for these seven classic sidewalk chalk games sure to bring back nostalgia for you! Plus learning filled ideas as well to help your child practice her alphabet and numbers!
an image of toys on the floor with words easy, quiet, independent play
Playing Card Roads for Quiet Time Play
Grab a deck of cards and let your little one's imagination take over! This is how we turned playing cards into a road for lots of imaginative play fun. Perfect for independent quiet time!
Have you ever thought about all the learning that takes place when a child does puzzles? I have! Here are the incredible benefits of doing puzzles with kids! Science Projects, Activity Games
Why You Should Think INSIDE the Box:10 Benefits of Puzzles
Have you ever thought about all the learning that takes place when a child does puzzles? I have! Here are the incredible benefits of doing puzzles with kids!
the back of a woman's dress with flowers on it and text reading exploring with a nature belt
Nature Walk Ideas - Simple Nature Belts!
Grab some tape and get ready to make Nature Belts, Nature Bracelets, Nature Sashes, and so much more as your little one has the time of their life creating with nature right in your backyard!
easter egg hunt ideas for kids to do with eggs and other things in the background
Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunt Ideas! - How Wee Learn
20 fun and easy Easter Egg Hunt ideas for kids! Make this Easter full of fun and excitement for your little ones - and keep things easy on yourself!