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Get out and explore nature with your kids. Discover new crafts and activity ideas to help your children love and take care of our great planet. Let their…
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the cover of camp crafts 10 ideas for a nature - filled summer, with pictures of trees and leaves
Summer Camp Crafts Infused with Nature - How Wee Learn
Simple, easy, and FUN summer camp crafts! These ideas are perfect for any summer camp you might be running and equally awesome for parents home with their kids this summer!
Breathtaking Nature Crafts for Kids - How Wee Learn
So many pretty and sweet nature crafts for kids to create! These ideas are more than just cute though, they are fun and meaningful for kids to make!
a young child is painting on the grass
Outdoor Nature Prints for Kids - How Wee Learn
This is an awesome and easy nature craft for kids to make! Simple nature prints! They turn out absolutely beautiful and can then be made into pretty homemade cards!
bee crafts and activities fun ideas for kids to do at home or in the classroom
Bee Crafts and Activities | 20 Fun Ideas for Kids! - How Wee Learn
Buzz on over to find the cutest bee crafts for kids! There are bee crafts here for toddlers, preschoolers, and school age kids as well. Perfect for a bee theme!
Summer Crafts and Activities
With one beautiful bedtime story each night, and a lovely hands-on activity that relates to that story the next day, summer has never been sweeter! Full of learning and nature - make this a summer you will all cherish for years to come!
an owl craft for toddlers is displayed on a table with paper plates and papers
Owl Paper Plate Craft for Toddlers
This is a beautiful sensory rich craft for toddlers! Use feathers and make an adorable owl!
the cover of easy bird feeders for kids to make, with instructions and pictures
14 DIY Bird Feeders for Kids - How Wee Learn
Creative and simple bird feeder crafts for kids to make! These simple bird feeders are ideal for toddlers, preschoolers and big kids too. They make the perfect spring and summer crafts for kids!
two rocks sitting on top of a swing with the words pebble art project for kids above it
DIY Pebble Art Tutorial - How Wee Learn
Make your own pebble or stone art! Here is exactly how to do it, and some helpful tips and ideas before you begin as well. This art project is great for kids and makes such a beautiful gift.
a field journal with the title how to make a field journal free printable labels
How to Make a Field Journal for Earth Day and Every Day! - How Wee Learn
Create a simple field journal to bring along with you on hikes or just out in the backyard! Here is how to make one - a full tutorial with pictures.
a young boy sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a small bird
A Nature Craft full of Engineering and Math
Take the hot glue gun outside for some awesome nature crafting full of STEM learning! This is what we did.
seed art is an easy and fun way to teach kids about seeds
Seed Art Summer Craft
Build those fine motor skills and create some beautiful art at the same time! These seed mosaics are perfect for spring and summer and turn out stunning!
nest building learning about birds with text overlay
A Clay Birds Nest - How Wee Learn
Build a birds nest as you learn all about birds with this great art project for preschoolers! A perfect craft for spring and summer full of fine motor learning and sensory learning, too!
the moon activity for preschoolers is shown here
Preschool Moon Craft: Finger Paint the Moon!
Such a fun finger painting activity for preschoolers that is full of sensory learning! Learn all about the moon - and a ton of math, too!
a field journal with the title how to make a field journal free printable labels
How to Make a Field Journal for Earth Day and Every Day! - How Wee Learn
Make this cute little DIY notebook to bring with you on your next nature walk! This is such a sweet little nature craft and perfect for nature study!
the nature scavenger hunt with free printables
FREE PRINTABLE: Nature Scavenger Hunt - How Wee Learn
Head out on a nature scavenger hunt with these adorable printable scavenger hunt cards! There is one for every season so you can go on a spring, summer, fall, and winter nature scavenger hunt!