Get the Kids Outside!

Outside play ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids too. Lots of nature activities, scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, and good old fashioned outdoor…
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a little boy standing on top of a box in the grass
Recycled Material Crafts for Preschool Pirate Play
Grab a cardboard box and dive into some pretend play! These simple crafts are perfect for you to make with your preschooler AND they double as awesome pretend play tools after they are made!
the cover of this scavenger hunt rocks play with modifications for different ages and stages
A Rock-in' Scavenger Hunt
Such an easy scavenger hunt to set up for the kids this summer and FULL of alphabet learning, too!
the cover of camp crafts 10 ideas for a nature - filled summer, with pictures of trees and leaves
Summer Camp Crafts Infused with Nature - How Wee Learn
Simple, easy, and FUN summer camp crafts! These ideas are perfect for any summer camp you might be running and equally awesome for parents home with their kids this summer!
the cover of scavenger hunts for outside 30 ideas, with pictures of flowers and other things
The Best Scavenger Hunts for Outside - How Wee Learn
Head outside for a fun-filled afternoon of learning with your child as you embark upon an epic scavenger hunt! These scavenger hunt ideas for kids are full of learning and nice and easy as well!
a young boy holding onto a leaf with the words let's take the clothespins outside
Clothespins Outside {A Photo on Friday}
Build fine motor skills outside with clothespins and leaves! This nature craft is perfect for toddlers
the nature scavenger hunt with free printables
Nature Scavenger Hunt - How Wee Learn
Head on out on a nature scavenger hunt! This freebie includes a scavenger hunt for each season.
the cover of easy bird feeders for kids to make, with instructions and pictures
14 DIY Bird Feeders for Kids - How Wee Learn
Creative and simple bird feeder crafts for kids to make! These simple bird feeders are ideal for toddlers, preschoolers and big kids too. They make the perfect spring and summer crafts for kids!
Just Plain Fun Summer Games! - How Wee Learn
Have some fun this summer - right in your own backyard! These summer games are perfect for family time and are sure to get the whole family making beautiful memories together.
the book cover for cool off with water play
10 Easy Peasy Water Play Activities - How Wee Learn
Cool off this summer with these fun water play activities for kids! Full of learning and sensory play and just plain old fun for preschoolers and toddlers!
Family Unit Study: The Backyard Naturalist
Get your children out in the Backyard exploring! This unit study is for little backyard scientists and is a wonderful way to get children outside and exploring nature. With 10 hands on activities and loads more, this unit study is sure to bring heaps of learning and build tons of memories!
the most fun trampoline games 8 games to try
8 Awesomely FUN Trampoline Games - How Wee Learn
Fun and simple games to play on the trampoline with the kids this summer! Simple and nostalgic classics.
the vegetable garden book and an envelope on a wooden table with text overlay that reads how to plan your vegetable garden
SuperFoods Vegetable Garden Layout
Planning a garden this year? Me too! Here is our simple plan, which includes lots of superfoods and has been created so plants that are good together stay close together!
sidewalk chalk games fun ideas for kids
7 Stellar Sidewalk Chalk Games for Kids - How Wee Learn
Such fun ideas for playing outside for the kids this summer! All you need is chalk for these seven classic sidewalk chalk games sure to bring back nostalgia for you! Plus learning filled ideas as well to help your child practice her alphabet and numbers!
Family Unit Study: Pollinators
Did you know that the Ring-Tailed Lemur is the biggest pollinator of all? Find out all about the amazing world of pollination with this incredible Family Unit Study!