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the logo for crypt io, which is designed to look like an egg and has a blue Full Logo Full Logo
the logo for cryptalker, which is designed to look like a speech bubble
Logo concept for cryptocurrency platform
Logo concept for cryptocurrency platform
the logo for hadoken is shown in two different colors and shapes, with one letter
Collect UI
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Video play + chat bubble, logo design symbol
2018 most popular dribbble shots / logos
Shuttle Brand
Have had the opportunity to work with the talented team at Mighty Learning Objects. This will be the mark for their upcoming product called Shuttle. More coming soon... — Interested in working to...
four different logos designed for 3d my - property
Custom Logo Design Services - #1 Branding Agency In 2024
the different font and numbers used in adobe
This is Your Developer Brain on Drugs
an info sheet with different types of logos and numbers on it's side, including arrows
KALAMATA:21 European Capital of Culture
a poster with red squares and white squares in the center, on a white background
Wes Del Val
9. Bienal de S.Paulo — Goebel Weyne (1967)
an image of a book cover with black squares on blue paper and the title der gebrauchgraphniker berlin und ausgabe
Alfius De Bux
Brochure jacket designed by Anton Stankowski for BDG 1959. From...