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The Importance Of The Patient Journey
The Importance Of The Patient Journey
a bar chart showing the percentage of patients who have received an in - patient survey
Public Health by Hector Valle Mesto
Polling from a recent IMS Patient Journey webinar, check out the biggest challenges in the industry, here!
a map shows the percentage of people spending on private health care in each us state
Texas ranks near bottom in per-inmate healthcare spending
Grits for Breakfast: #Texas ranks near bottom in per-inmate #healthcare spending
an info poster showing the benefits of exercise and how to use it in different ways
Does Exercise Make You Smart? (Infographic)
This is interesting, esp. as schools are cutting down recess/playtime/phys ed to nothing, and the nutritional value of the food kids eat in schools is completely inadequate. Brains can't work well if the rest of the body isn't being taken care of.
an info sheet with different types of information
Infographic Maker Trusted By 11 Million Users - Piktochart
@Piktochart infographic for #APHA National Public Health Week Infographic Contest. Created by Brenda Buescher – “The Happy Healthy Workplace”
the words public health written on a whiteboard
Surprise! It's National Public Health Week - Health Stew -
People always ask what a degree in public health will allow me to do. Here you go people! It's so exciting!!
the world of public health info poster
The World of Public Health
A Glimpse into the world of public soon to be world for the next few years!