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two anime characters walking side by side
Itasaku Anbu Render by CatianiaCat on DeviantArt
Itasaku Anbu Render by CatianiaCat.deviantart.com on @deviantART
<3 Kawaii, Kakashi Hatake, Kakashi Sensei, Kakashi, Yamato
Gifs Animes - Gifs Animes - Naruto ( Akatsuki )
Voilà un supplément pour les fangirls d'Itachi 😉♥️♥️( et sakura, mais ça on s'en bat les poulpes x))
the many faces of naruta from naruta and his friends in anime
Hatake club | Какаши Хатаке | Наруто
You can't make SASUKE and naruto truly ugly but gawd damn did Kishimoto try. Kakashi aged the best, and sakura was always ugly. Also notice how Sasuke gets sadder eyes as the time goes on.
three anime characters standing next to each other
Sakura Haruno Uchiha
Resultado de imagen para Sakura Haruno Uchiha
two anime characters walking side by side with one holding his head in the other's hands