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a white train traveling down tracks next to a tall building and traffic lights on a cloudy day
SEPTA LRV on RT.101.
a white and red train traveling down tracks next to a black car on the side of the road
a train traveling over a bridge next to a road
SPAX 269 SEPTA Budd Silverliner II at Aldan, Pennsylvania by Joe Osciak
there is a sign that says the 8th street on top of a bridge over traffic
SEPTA Bus Route 113
an aerial view of a city with lots of houses
an old brick building with a steeple on top and the words, predeggi high school - was st vincent's orphanage
an old school bus is driving down the street in front of some houses and power lines
Red Arrow Brill Master Unit
an advertisement for the land's sake drexel hill, which is located on the
an old church and cemetery on a cloudy day
St. Charles Borromeo R.C. Church:Upper Darby Twp., Del. Cnty., Penna.
a close up of a person's hand with a ring on their finger that says upper baby high
70's charm bracelet. UD high
the traffic lights are clearly visible for all of us to see in this cityscape
Delaware County PA Public Adjuster
Delaware County PA Public Adjuster
an old movie theater in the middle of town
Waverly Theatre in Drexel Hill, PA
Waverly Theatre
an old photo of cars parked in front of a bond's store