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an anime character with long black hair and green eyes is staring at the camera while he has
personajes de kimetsu no Yaiba reaccionando a un temblor xd
a black and white drawing of a boy
Gonpachiro Kamaboko
a drawing of a girl holding a bird
Zenitsu (Demon Slayer) - A4
LÁMINA Zenitsu ( Demon Slayer )Serie limitada . No se volverán a vender.Lámina impresa en papel reciclado, 350 gr. PRINT Zenitsu ( Demon Slayer )Limited. Won’t be reprinted again.Printed on recycled paper, 350 gr.
a drawing of an anime character with his eyes closed and hair blowing in the wind
Tanjiro (Demon Slayer)
a drawing of a girl with ponytails and a bow in her hair, wearing a dress
X. It’s what’s happening