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a young man with black hair is looking at the camera
a young boy sitting on the floor with his arms crossed
Harvey Fagarita
a young man standing next to a parking garage holding his hand on his ear and looking at the camera
😣Franzharvey fagarita 🙄
a young man holding a plate with food on it
two images of the same person in different scenes, one is looking at his reflection
a young man sitting on top of a ball next to a luggage bag and cell phone
a young man sitting at a table with a plate and spoon in front of him
a young man holding a basketball while standing on top of a basketball court in front of a crowd
Antariksa's : Aerglo + Galaksi Wijaksana (✔️)
a young man wearing a black hoodie with an image of a boy on it
a man taking a photo with a camera in front of him on a table next to a window
a young man wearing glasses and a pink hoodie
a young man is wearing a blue shirt and carrying a brown bag
a young man in a green jacket standing next to other people
a man sitting at a table with a heart shaped object in front of his mouth