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the city is lit up at night and it looks like they are floating in the water
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A Touch of Class, New York City Theme Kit
a large group of people sitting at tables in front of a screen with words on it
31 Best Ideas From Spring Benefits: a Ribbon-Shaped Runway, 'Jungle Book' Decor, 50,000 Daffodils
Held in Chicago on May 18, the ball had comic-book-inspired decor from Kehoe Designs. A cartoon-like, illuminated city skyline served as a fitting backdrop on the stage where comedian Martin Short performed. Crystalline centerpieces were meant to look like fallen kryptonite.
the city is lit up at night and it looks like they are floating in the water
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an image of a banquet room set up with blue lights and white tablecloths
temática noche de estrellas y lunas
temática noche de estrellas y lunas - Buscar con Google
there is a tall vase with flowers in it on the table next to a street sign
Theme; New York City
an empty stage with lights and clouds in the air above it, set up for a show
Cityscape Set Design - The City of Dreams @ Dreamscape Festival - Design by Rania Peet
there are two pictures of the centerpieces at this wedding reception in brooklyn, new york
Cameron House Wedding | A Classic & Chic White Wedding
So what if we did this since we are both from San Antonio. We could do places around the area that are special to us.
a tall vase with pink flowers on top of a purple table cloth and place settings
Sabella Berman Events used tall orchid centerpieces on the four corners of the ballroom in a NY themed party to define the space. In the vase we used purple LEDs, crinkle cello and water to give a crushed ice effect. Two other centerpieces were used on a collection of over 16 tables. Each unique, with a NY themed street name on mini tabletop lampposts.
the tables are set up with candles and place settings for guests to sit down at
there is a street sign that says broadway and times square in front of tables with white tablecloths
Broadway themed centerpieces made from foam board, printed playbills and inexpensive street signs bought online
a room filled with lots of purple and blue lights hanging from the ceiling next to tall buildings
Possible Homecoming Theme: Empire State of Mind