Type 12

Protector Type: guides you, stays by your side, is a knight/acts like your knight, can be royalty/ associated with royalty
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Anime Characters, Anime Oc, Character Design Animation
井伊肉 on X
an anime character with blood on his face holding a knife and looking at the camera
Kawaii, Croquis, Touken Ranbu, Manga Art, Anime Art Girl, Anime Sketch
an anime character with red hair wearing a kimono and holding his arms folded up
an anime character with brown hair and no shirt
haban on X
an anime character with long black hair wearing a blue outfit and standing in front of a white background
Mo Dao Zu Shi (Photo Book)
a woman sitting on the ground holding a tray
Пленник императора / War Prisoner - Глава 63
an anime character holding a bow and arrow
Vivid✨ on Twitter
an anime character with black hair and brown eyes holding a cell phone in his hand
an anime character holding two swords in his hands