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Ways in Mirroring the Mediterranean Lifestyle
You can actually live the Mediterranean lifestyle and prolong your life by decades even if you don't live around the Mediterranean Sea. Continue reading this article on Avalon Pockets blog to find out how you can do that. #mediterraneandiet #mediterraneanlifestyle #mediterraneanlife
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Choose Healthy Snacks from the Mediterranean Diet
Junk food has become the comfort food for many people in America, the Western world and the world in general. With the exception of a few places on the planet that still prefer natural food over junk food, but there are plenty of healthy snacks from the Mediterranean diet that you can use to replace junk food with. Make a healthier choice when it comes to your diet - choose the Mediterranean diet. #mediterraneandiet #snacks
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Live The Mediterranean Lifestyle In Your Own Way
Health experts say that we all should aspire to live the Mediterranean lifestyle, so we could live as long as they do. However, not all places on Earth are as wonderful to live in, now isn't it? Well, you can live the Mediterranean lifestyle in your own way by making the most with what you've got. This article will give you some important tips on how to do that successfully. #mediterraneanlifestyle #mediterraneandiet #mediterraneanlife
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Understanding the Pros and Cons of the Mediterranean Diet
We all evaluate things based on what we can get from them and what disadvantages they can bring us measured against the value of monetary investment placed on them. Often we choose to retain things that benefit us more than they can harm us, thus the idea of the pros and cons was born. It's an evolutionary instinct and it applies in all things that affect our lives, including the food we eat. #mediterraneandiet
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Mediterranean Diet Cooking Ideas For All Seasons
There are dozens upon dozens of dishes to savor in our Mediterranean diet cooking ideas! Just about every recipe is mind-blowingly delicious that it would be unfair to say "find which suits you best," because I know all of them are really good. I sincerely hope these recipes will become routine in your diet. Good luck! #mediterraneandiet #mediterraneanfood #nutrition
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Want to Know a Good Avalon Pockets Health Tip?
We've previously talked about the green Mediterranean diet in another blog post, but this time since we've drawn out its greater health benefits than the traditional Mediterranean diet, we've decided to turn it into an important Avalon Pockets health tip. The green version of the Mediterranean diet is good for your cardio-metabolic health. #Health #greenmediterraneandiet #avalonpockets
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Where are the Blue Zones Located?
Perhaps Paradise still exists on this planet and we just haven't found where it is, or more accurately where "they" are located. Yes, you heard that right, there's more than just one place that could be considered as Paradise and Dan Buettner called them the Blue Zones. These are places on Earth where everything is just perfect for people to live up to a hundred years old or more! #bluezones #healthylifestyle #health
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Sardinia Best Describes The Mediterranean Lifestyle
There are only a handful of places that's considered as "Blue Zones" and Sardinia Island is one of them. Blue Zones are areas on Earth where people live the healthiest and longest and in Sardinia there are over 300 centenarians - people who are 100 and up that are alive and well and are walking and climbing hills to herd goats and sheep. Yes, that's how amazing they are! #bluezones #sardinia #mediterraneandiet
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Comparing the Mediterranean Diet to Other Diet Plans
What makes the Mediterranean diet so special? Well, I say 3 things: 1) The science backs it up. 2) It's flexible. 3) It's practical. It's also very easy to follow and you can transition into it from whatever diet plan you currently adhere to. #mediterraneandiet #healthyfood
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What You Need To Know About The SirtFood Diet
The music artist Adele is the poster girl for the SirtFood diet because of the clear and obvious transformation she's undergone after trying it. But is it really better than the Mediterranean diet? Find out in our latest blog post! #sirtfood #mediterraneandiet
Encouraging Your Family And Friends To Have A Healthy Diet
I think I don't need to emphasize how our family and friends are important to us, so if you care about them, then let them know about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Tell them also how the Mediterranean lifestyle is beneficial to their health and well being. #family #friends #mediterraneandiet
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Understanding Breast Cancer and the Mediterranean Diet
Polyphenols in olive oils might be the key to breast cancer prevention and the Mediterranean diet overall could possibly cure this disease! #breastcancer #mediterraneandiet
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Studying the Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet
The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet is the natural remedy for all sorts of chronic diseases! Since food plays a big role in causing chronic diseases in humans, then it's only logical to improve your diet by following the Mediterranean diet. #mediterraneandiet #healthbenefits #nutrition
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Mediterranean Diet Recipes For Thanksgiving
It's almost Thanksgiving once again and we here at Avalon Pockets recommend you try our Mediterranean diet recipes for Thanksgiving to supplement your menu! #Thanksgiving
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Longer Life Span is Associated with the Mediterranean Diet
If you knew that you would die a year from now, or a month from now, or how about tomorrow, what would you give to get another chance to live longer? If you ask me, I'd have to say that I would give anything and everything to take that chance. Lucky for you following the Mediterranean diet is THAT chance you've been searching for. #mediterraneandiet #healthylifestyle