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an illustrated poster with instructions on how to use japanese traditional footwear for children and adults
Japanese Wooden Sandals Komashi Geta Bori Clogs Slippers Size US 5.5 or EUR 35.5 or UK 3
** This geta is very small, please check with the size chart and the right way to wear before purchasing** Size US 5.5 or EUR 35.5 or UK 5 Condition : Good with some defects. please see all photos in close up for details Measure Approx Size : 8 cm x 23 cm long by 7 cm hight
an image of japanese words and their meanings
Learn Japanese - Lesson 3. Simple Japanese: Cat 2.0
The channel shares useful methods, experiences, tips and knowledge to learn Japanese to help you make better progress every day. If you want to learn more, you can find the Japanese application: Learn Kanji JLPT to learn and practice more easily. #japanese #learnjapanese #learnkanji #jlpt #kaiwa #kanji #japanesetalk
How to use “〜ながら”😆 warau 笑う
Japanese Vocabulary Words, Hiragana Words, Words On Nails, Japanese Tips
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