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This is smart.
Self-sealing Trash Can, Self-bag-changing
the instructions for an outdoor toilet are shown
Public Smart Bin
Public Smart Bin | Interaction Design Project
an info graphic showing how to use the biolamp
two trash cans with plants growing out of them in front of a tv screen on the sidewalk
Public Smart Bin
Public Smart Bin | Interaction Design Project
a person holding a cup on top of a black and white table with speakers around it
This Smart Bin Knows What Your Rubbish Is Made Of And Then Tells You Where To Put It
several different types of trash cans and bins with their lids open, showing the contents
Les Artistes Paris - A Kitchen Trash Can
three different views of a person's hand pulling something out of a trash can
three plastic parts are shown on a red surface, one is purple and the other is pink
Iris Door Box v3 by countspatula
This is a completely rebuilt version of my original iris door box. The walls, leaves and top ring are much thinner on this version, reducing material and print time. The mechanism is also easier to assemble and adjust. They are designed to work with a specific screw diameter so sizing them up or down may not work.
an image of a black and gold object on the wall with holes in it's center
Need help about understanding a shutter diaphragm mechanism (modeling)
someone is holding an object in their hand and it looks like the inside of a camera lens
How The Lens Aperture Mechanism Works In Detail - How It Works Canon 50mm f1.8 II
an electronic device with many colors on it
Iris Mechanism